Green Lemon found its origins in the Oklahoma City area in 1999. In 2001, they packed up their gear and headed to Ft. Collins to pursue their futures in Colorado. During the last five years, Green Lemon has captured the attention of new fans and club owners across the country. While successfully touring and playing many U.S. venues and festivals, they continue to gain regular followers from coast to coast, creating a national community of fans.


Green Lemon has been named 2004 New Home Grown Band Of The Year by the Home Grown Music Network, listed as one of the Top Bands To See Live in 2005 by, featured in Relix Magazines On The Verge column, where they were labeled A Band You Should Know About, and more recently, Relix named Green Lemon One of the 10 Summer Star Bands to Watch. They have also been awarded Independent Artist of the Year by Hapi Skratch Entertainment, New Groove of the Month by, and were asked to perform at the winner's showcase of the 2005 Jam Off in NYC, hosted by the CMJ Music Marathon and Relix Magazine. Several publications such as Spin Magazine, Hittin the Note Magazine,, and have also picked up on the buzz noting Green Lemons national popularity and recognition.


Green Lemon's original tracks from their self-titled album and their popular single Shoestring can be heard regularly on radio stations across the nation. Their music has been described as: euphoric; trance-induced grooves; a hypnotic groove-based sound; tightly woven sonic soundscapes that are rich in melody and texture; music that surrealistically fuses island, jam, acid jazz, funk, and electronica; and a blend of trance and huge jams. reviewed their performance at the 2005 Wakarusa Music Festival stating, "Jamband's March New Groove of the Month, Green Lemon, was dually impressive. Although I'd heard plenty of their music beforehand, nothing on disc compared to the energy of the Oklahoma natives' live show. Green Lemon revealed a high octane performance that from start to finish, never let up. Merging pumping electronica beats with smooth reggae melodies and some shredding guitar solos, they induced a more than sizeable crowd into a steady fervor making many wonder just who this band was."


Green Lemon has been touring nationally since 2003, playing over 150 shows a year. They've shared the stage with the likes of Particle, Bob Weir and Keller Williams and gone on to perform at some of the nation's top festivals including 10,000 Lakes and Wakarusa just to name a few. Their constant touring has won them a loyal following from coast to coast and that fanbase is currently exploding as more and more of the uninitiated join the ranks of the Lemonheads.


The band started out in dive bars and tin shacks, but these days they grace theatres and national festivals with their ethereal presence. Their music swings from moody electronica to reggae with subtle humor and little reverence for any musical forerunner. They are reminders that old habits and genres are made to be broken as surely as New Year's resolutions. As we watch the boundaries of funk, electronic music and reggae being redrawn by these talented Midwesterners, you'll be hard pressed to find a band whose songs are more inventive. Maybe this is the cause of their abundant accolades and the reason that the national buzz about this band continues to grow.

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